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Milton Erickson
Marriage & Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Salvador Minuchin

Group Therapy

A Group Member's Guide to Brief Strategic Group Therapy : Problem-Solving, Making Group Therapy Work for You

Active Analytic Group Therapy for Adolescents

Activities for Adolescents in Therapy : A Handbook of Facilitating Guidelines and Planning Ideas for Group Therapy With Troubled Adolescents

Addiction and the Vulnerable Self : Modified Dynamic Group Therapy for Substance Abusers

Art Psychotherapy Groups : Between Pictures and Words

Art Therapy for Groups : A Handbook for Themes, Games, and Exercises

Breaking the Silence : Group Therapy for Childhood Sexual Abuse : A Practitioner's Manual

Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Specific Problems and Populations

Creative Therapy III : 52 More Exercises for Groups

Group Exercises for Adolescents : A Manual for Therapists

Group Process and Structure in Psychosocial Occupational Therapy

Group Therapy for Cancer Patients: A Research-based Handbook of Psychosocial Care

Group Therapy With Troubled Youth : A Cognitive-Behavioral Interactive Approach

Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorders

Solution Focused Group Therapy : Ideas for Groups in Private Practice, Schools, Agencies, and Treatment Programs

Ten Days to Self-Esteem : The Leader's Manual

Ten Days to Self-Esteem

The Group Therapy Experience : From Theory to Practice

Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

Using Drawings in Assessment and Therapy

Women in Therapy

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