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Heat Treatment

12th International Conference on Nde in the Nuclear and Pressure Vessel Industries 1995 Carburizing and Nitriding With Atmospheres

1st International Automotive Heat Treating Conference Proceedings

Asm Handbook : Heat Treating (Vol 4)

Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams for Irons and Steels

Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams for Nonferrous Alloys

Electromagnetic Induction and Electric Conduction in Industry

Elements of Induction Heating : Design Control and Applications

Handbook of Quenchants and Quenching Technology

Heat Treater's Guide : Practices and Procedures for Irons and Steels

Heat Treater's Guide : Practices and Procedures for Nonferrous Alloys

Heat Treating : Equipment and Processes...

Heat Treating : Including the 1997 International Induction Heat Treating Symposium

Heat Treating: Including Steel Heat Treating in the New Millennium

Heat Treatment : Structure and Properties of Nonferrous Alloys

Heat Treatment in Fluidized Bed Furnaces

Heat Treatment of Gears

Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels

High-Vacuum Technology

Industrial Thermal Processing Equipment Handbook

Practical Heat Treating

Principles of the Heat Treatment of Plain Carbon and Low Alloy Steel

Quenching and Distortion Control

Quenching and the Control of Distortion...

Steel Heat Treatment Handbook

Steels : Heat Treatment and Processing Principles

Vacuum Metallurgy

Vacuum Technology : Practical Heat Treating and Brazing

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