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Adhesion, Adhesives, Sealants
Engineering Reference
Failure Analysis and Reliability
Ferrous Alloys
Heat Treatment
Machine Tools & CNC Machining
Machining and Manufacturing
Materials Property Data
Materials Testing, Inspection, and Analysis
Melting, Refining, Extraction
Optical Design and Engineering
Welding, Brazing and Soldering

Machining and Manufacturing

ASM Handbook : Machining

Asm Handbook : Materials Selection and Design

Asm Handbook : Powder Metal Technologies and Applications

Extrusion : Processes, Machinery, Tooling

Flat Processing of Steel

Flat Rolling Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Metal Forming

Handbook of Dimensional Measurement

Handbook of Fabrication Processes

Handbook of Mechanical Engineering

Handbook of Metalforming Processes

High Performance MacHining

Hot Isostatic Pressing : Proceedings of the International Conference on Hot Isostatic Pressing

Hot Working Guide : A Compendium of Processing Maps

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and Materials

MacHinists' and Metalworkers' Pocket Reference

Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers

Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook

McGraw-Hill Machining and Metalworking Handbook

Mechanical Properties of Work Materials

Metal Cutting Mechanics

Metal Cutting

Metal Forming Handbook

Metals Handbook : Forming and Forging

Robust Engineering: Learn How to Boost Quality While Reducing Costs & Time to Market

Sheet metal cutting : collected articles and technical papers

Sheet metal punching : collected articles and technical papers

The EDM Handbook

Tool Materials (Asm Specialty Handbook)

Top Shops+! : The New Manufacturing Standard

Zero Breakdown Strategies

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